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Green Mountain Trail





Enjoy leisurely walks in the grounds or hiking trails in the surrounding area. Go mountain biking, explore the Elgin Fruit Route, do the Walker Bay Wine Wander or stay at home and play a game of petanque (boules). If you'd like to watch whales or go to the beach - Hermanus is only 30 minutes away.

The Green Mountain Trail is a four day slackpacking trail that includes Wildekrans Country House as part of its itinerary.

Enjoy your hosts’ private collection of South African art and sculpture which includes the works of artists Deborah Bell, Wilma Cruise, Guy Du Toit, Llewellyn Davies, William Kentridge, Judith Mason, Hylton Nel, Simon Stone, Robert Hodgins and Andrew Verster.

We are pleased to announce that we are opening Guy du Toit’s Talking Hares exhibition this Saturday 3rd November 2012. The show will run until Easter 2013. Guy, one of South Africa’s most accomplished sculptors, uses a wide range of mediums. Talking Hares is in bronze.

Beguiling in their simplicity the hares draw your attention as surely as the moon waxes and wanes. Seen as a trickster figure in world mythologies, hare is a catalyst for change, weaving established opposites together to morph into something new. Guy has achieved a sense of freshness using an ancient symbol - something old yet somehow new.

Come and spend a weekend in the country and enjoy Guy’s Hares in situ.

Guy du Toit’s Talking Hares

Wildekrans is a member of the Green Mountain Eco Route. The Green Mountain Eco Route, the world's first biodiversity wine route, offers scenic beauty and a wide range of wine styles. On site, Barry Gould’s handmade “A Simple Red” and Sauvignon Blanc, made naturally with least interference, is available.

Whether you want to crank uphill on your mountain bike, hike through fynbos, taste wine with the winemakers, or enjoy meals made from locally grown produce, Wildekrans Country House provides the perfect base from which to do so.

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